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SEA Electric Brings Industry First to New Zealand Traffic Control

SEA Electric Brings Industry First to New Zealand Traffic Control
Global eMobility innovators SEA Electric and leading civil construction firm Demsey Wood have introduced New Zealand's first electric traffic safety vehicle, complete with a truck-mounted attenuator.
Joining Dempsey Wood's Temporary Traffic Management Division, the SEA Isuzu FSD EV entitled "BIG EV", is specified with a SEA-Drive® 120-25 power-system as assembled by Blackwells Isuzu in Christchurch, with assistance provided by SEA Electric's New Zealand Aftersales team. Like all SEA Electric vehicles, ancillaries on the truck including the attenuator are entirely powered by the onboard batteries, meaning it utilises power only on demand, reducing emissions on busy roadworks sites. The SEA-Drive® power-system leads the commercial EV space, with the peak performing and most efficient zero-emission architecture available, all while offering the best value for money available in the space. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea & Air 2022-2042
Funding assistance for the project came from New Zealand's Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority.
From SEA Electric's perspective, the build is yet another example of the adaptability of the SEA-Drive®power-system across a broad array of final application possibilities.
"It was no small task for Dempsey Wood to take on industry leadership with the build on this large attenuated truck," said Stephen Fairweather, General Manager, SEA Electric (NZ). "It required foresight to consider the total cost of ownership benefits of converting to EV, as well as understanding the many advantages that this truck brings to their business. This build shows what is possible in the construction space, both here in New Zealand, and across the world."
For Dempsey Wood, the availability of proven all-electric technology makes taking leadership in the environmental space an easy choice.
"This is a unique opportunity for DW as we embark on an unchartered journey in the Traffic Management industry," said Angela Potae, Temporary Traffic Manager, Dempsey Wood Civil. "Our EV offers the opportunity to embrace technology that significantly impacts traffic management. As a progressive and innovative company, we take on that challenge, supported by our industry partners to create change within the industry."
Like other advanced companies, the environmental impact of Dempsey Wood's business operations has come under the microscope.
"Sustainability is an important aspect of our business model, which we are committed to enhancing through all business channels," said Mike Dunphy, Sustainability Manager, Dempsey Wood Civil. "Leveraging the support and funding from EECA, Dempsey Wood are motivated to demonstrate the applicability of heavy EV vehicle technology and capability to the construction and infrastructure sector."
Further information on SEA Electric is available at External Link.
About SEA Electric
SEA Electric is an Australian company with a global reach specialising in the assembly and 100% electrification of commercial vehicles worldwide. Dealing directly with vehicle users and working alongside automotive OEM's, SEA Electric supplies and licences patented technology. SEA Electric was founded in 2012. After four years of product development and testing, SEA Electric launched its commercial operations in early 2017, triggered by the reduction in battery kWh pricing, allowing for commercial feasibility in offering electric drivetrains to the global market.
Source and top image: SEA Electric
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