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ADS-TEC Energy Extends Battery-Buffered Ultra-Fast EV Charging

ADS-TEC Energy Extends its Battery-Buffered Ultra-Fast EV Charging Portfolio in Europe with ChargePost, Confirms first delivery in 2022 out of Framework Agreement
ADS-TEC Energy plc is extending its battery-buffered, ultra-fast EV charging portfolio in Europe, despite global supply chain and other market challenges, with the addition of ChargePost later this year. Unlike the currently-available, battery-buffered ChargeBox, which consists of a separate battery-booster module and two charging dispensers, the ChargePost consolidates battery-buffering and dispensers into a single "all-in-one" system with a large display that provides revenue-generating advertising opportunities.
In conjunction with this addition to the Company's portfolio, the Company has completed a framework agreement with a European company that will receive the first 50 ChargePost systems in 2022. As part of the agreement, ADS-TEC Energy expects to deliver increasing volumes of products to encompass thousands of ChargePost units over the next few years. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2022-2032.
"We are very proud that, despite all the current adversity in the industry, we have been able to stick to the plan and start supplying products under this new long-term contract in 2022. This is an incredible achievement by the whole team," said Thomas Speidel, founder and CEO, ADS-TEC Energy. "With our battery-buffered, ultra-fast chargers, charging within minutes can be offered almost anywhere, even on power limited grids."
The official launch of the ChargePost product and release to the general market is still scheduled for fall 2022 for Europe. This will be followed by the launch in the USA in 2023.
About ADS-TEC Energy
ADS-TEC Energy Inc is a U.S. subsidiary of the German ADS-TEC Energy GmbH, which is a subsidiary of the publicly traded Irish ADS-TEC Energy plc. Based on more than ten years of experience with lithium-iontechnologies, ADS-TEC Energy develops and manufactures battery storage solutions and fast charging systemsincluding their energy management systems. Its battery-based, fast charging technology enables electric vehicles to ultrafast charge even on low powered grids and features a very compact design. The high quality and functionality of the battery systems are due to a particularly high depth of development and in-house production. With its advanced system platforms, ADS-TEC Energy is a valuable partner for automotive, OEMs, utility companies and charge-operators.
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Source and top image: ADS-TEC Energy
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